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  • SLEEPTight by Seatec Chinstrap

A chinstrap may be a useful way for a nasal pillows or nasal mask user to prevent the mouth from opening. The Seatec chinstrap is an adjustable, stable and dual-strap design. The chin and bottom lip are well supported by the comfortable elastic material and the strap comes in three sizes. While most people are a medium, the sizes range from

  • Small (53cm-57cm)
  • Medium (58cm-62cm)
  • Large (63cm-67cm)

This is measured from underneath the chin to the top of the middle part of your head to back under the chin.


CPAP works by using pressurized air to splint the airways open and when excessive air leaks from the mouth (or the mask) the open circuit may reduce the overall pressure of air reaching the site of obstruction.

A chinstrap may also reduce the following symptoms if due to mouth leak:

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Waking-up at night due to the feeling of air rushing through the mouth
  3. Bull-frogging (air bubbling in lips and cheeks)
  4. Aerophagia (air swallowing).

If you require fitting or sizing please visit our clinic.

For further information on masks please visit our Mask Component Guides section.

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SLEEPTight by Seatec Chinstrap

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