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"Sleep and Lifestyle Clinic :: A home based approach to sleep apnea assessment and treatment."
Dr Grant Willson (Director)

For Referrers & Healthcare Practitioners

The Sleep and Lifestyle clinic's Sleep Apnea Screening Tests do not require a referral.

The clinic also undertakes Home Sleep Studies as an agent of Specialist Services Medical Group (these studies do require a referral from GP or specialist). For referral forms click Download.

The home sleep studies offered by Specialist Services Medical Group are suitable for the a large number of patients requiring sleep investigation for a presumed disorder. Contact us if you have any queries concerning the suitability of a home study for your patient's case.

ACT Pensioners may be eligible for the provision of continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) provided through the ACT Government after a home sleep study has been performed and significant sleep apnea found. NSW Pensioners may also require an overnight sleep laboratory study on a CPAP device before an application can be processed to justify a CPAP device. 

If you would like some educational brochures or one of our staff members to run an information seminar on snoring and sleep apnea and the services we provide, please contact us on 02 6162 1802 or use our online contact form

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