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Sleep and Lifestyle Solutions was founded by its director Dr Grant Willson.






Grant is a registered physiotherapist with over 20 years’ experience in the area of sleep medicine. He has a PhD in Medicine from the University of Sydney and worked for the bulk of his career at the Centre for Respiratory Failure and Sleep Disorders at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

Working with clients has always been central to his work and transforming the lives of real people is his central motivation. Not only has he been involved in clinical practice but he has also conducted research evaluating new treatments with the goal of advancing therapy.

In 2004 he obtain a PhD in medicine from the University of Sydney evaluating new therapies for patients with sleep apnea and heart failure. Another of his major interests is in the area of education. Grant has been involved in education at many different levels, whether this be speaking to a small group of rural doctors and nurses working in an Emergency Department, addressing a gathering of sleep apnea patients or co-ordinating and lecturing at national courses in Sleep Disorders Medicine. His philosophy has been to pass on his knowledge to others. Grant is a sought after speaker due to his experience and practical approach which is tailored to his audience.

He delivers on-going education and training to our staff so that they can provide clients with a hands-on approach and expert up-to-date advice concerning treatment options which is pivotal to the ongoing success of our clinic.

Throughout his career Grant has been involved in many different spheres including as a consultant to industry, clinician and educator. This experience has also allowed him to observe the many challenges that have arisen when a healthcare system struggles to cope with a new disorder such as sleep apnea. A particular concern is the failure to provide clients with a comprehensive approach to their sleep apnea treatment.

The Sleep and Lifestyle Clinic seeks to address these failures by providing expert initiation and acclimatisation to PAP therapy ensuring that you maximise the benefits of therapy. Along with this we assist our clients to make realistic and attainable lifestyle changes which address the bigger picture and lead to long-term health benefits.

Donna Martin

Donna is an Olympian in the sport of rowing. She initially completed a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in sports science with research Honours in the field of elite rowing. She began professional work as part of the sports science team at the AIS before completing a Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Canberra where she attained numerous University awards including ‘Best Overall Academic Performance’.

Donna finds the field of sleep medicine compliments both her sports science background and her role as a physiotherapist.  She completed further education in sleep medicine through the University of Sydney. She is currently part of the teaching team with the University of Canberra physiotherapy Undergraduate and Masters Degrees.  Donna has worked as a physiotherapist for over ten years within both hospital and private practice settings and is dedicated to providing evidenced based interventions for the management of sleep disordered breathing.

Wendy Chesworth B. App. Sc (Physio) Syd; PhD (Med) Syd

Wendy Chesworth, physiotherapist, has worked at the Sleep and Lifestyle Clinic since 2014.  She has completed a PhD in Sleep and Ventilation at the University of Sydney in 2003.  Her PhD studied four areas including (1) Sleep quality in a sleep laboratory, (2) Breathing during sleep in people with normal breathing, (3) Breathing during sleep in people with lung disease, obesity or neuro-musuclar issues (4) Improving breathing during sleep using CPAP and bi-level PAP devices (such as Bi-PAP and VPAP).

Wendy is available for consultation for sleep assessments, understanding sleep study results, setting up and titrating CPAP and bi-level devices and check-ups for people on CPAP or bi-level devices.

Sleep apnea can have serious medical consequences and should be investigated and managed whenever it is suspected. Call 02 6162 1802 or fill in our contact form to see how we can help you.

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